Gatheroo Benefits and Features

In today’s fast-paced business environment, collecting information and documents from clients can often become a cumbersome task.

Gatheroo is here to improve this process, providing a suite of tools designed to streamline, secure, and simplify information collection.

See what makes Gatheroo the preferred choice for our subscribers across the globe.

Your Secure Platform for Gathering Information from your Clients

Easy-to-Use Interface with Traffic Light System

Gatheroo’s user-friendly interface, is complemented by a simple traffic light system. This combination ensures you can easily organise and track information requests while your clients can track their progress.

Easy Request Builder with Inline Chat

Crafting the perfect request is a breeze with Gatheroo’s intuitive builder. A diverse range of fields ensures tailored requests, and the inline chat allows clients to ask questions in real-time as they respond.

Involve Your Team and Reusable Templates

Collaboration is key. Invite team members to share the workload and take advantage of reusable shared request templates for consistency and efficiency.

Secure Client Portal with extra Built-in Protection

Gatheroo offers a secure portal where clients can provide information safely, with additional password protection allowing end-to-end encryption for peace of mind.

Personalised Emails and Reminders

With customisable email templates and built-in reminders, you can manage and maintain clear, consistent time-based communication and automated reminders.

Connect Gatheroo to your other software

With Zapier integration, Gatheroo offers the power to integrate with thousands of apps, ensuring your information collection process aligns seamlessly with your broader business workflows.

Diving Deeper into Gatheroo’s Request Builder Fields

Gatheroo’s request builder is designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, ensuring that every piece of information can be captured accurately and efficiently.

Let’s explore each field type in detail:

File Uploads

Streamline the process of collecting essential documents and media from your clients with our File Uploads field. Whether it’s images, documents, videos, or audio clips, clients can effortlessly upload their files directly to the platform.

Prioritising security, all uploaded files benefit from end-to-end encryption, ensuring the data remains confidential and protected at all times.

Rich Text

The rich text editor is great when ask for open-ended responses. Whether it’s a brief comment, a detailed description, or formatted text of various types, the text field offers flexibility for clients to express their thoughts or provide specific information, all while maintaining the desired formatting and style.

Phone & Links

Ensuring clear communication is paramount.

The phone and link fields let you capture contact numbers and web addresses in the correct format.


Organising information in a structured manner is crucial. The list field allows clients to provide multiple items or pieces of information in an orderly fashion, ensuring clarity and ease of reference.

Lists with Columns

For more intricate data sets, the “Lists with Columns” field is your go-to. Define specific columns, guiding your clients on what information is required. This ensures that data is captured in a structured manner, making it ideal for details such as schedules, inventories, or financial figures.

Single Select

Sometimes, a definitive choice is needed. The single select field lets clients pick just one option from a list, ensuring clarity in decisions or preferences.


Choices are essential. The multi-select field allows clients to choose multiple options from a given list, ensuring that all preferences or requirements are captured.

Conditional Logic

Tailoring requests based on previous answers adds a layer of sophistication to the information collection process.

With conditional logic, subsequent questions or fields can be displayed based on the responses to preceding ones, ensuring relevance and efficiency in the data collection process, without overcrowding your requests with irrelevant fields.

Read more about conditional logic here.

The conditional logic currently supports the Single Select Field as the trigger to show or hide following fields.

A sneek-peek at what’s coming

We’re always looking ahead, striving to enhance Gatheroo to better serve the evolving needs of businesses. On our roadmap, we’re excited to introduce several new features that promise to elevate the information collection process.

Repeatable Fields

Flexibility in data collection is paramount. Recognising this, we’re excited to be planning Repeatable Fields. This will allow clients the convenience to duplicate a specific field as many times as necessary, catering to dynamic requirements and ensuring that no piece of information is left out.

Repeatable Field Groups

For businesses that require comprehensive data sets, like team member summaries, we’re developing the Repeatable Field Groups. This innovative feature will enable clients to clone an entire group of fields, ensuring uniformity in data collection. It’s designed to streamline the process of capturing intricate information suites without compromising on consistency.

This photos shows the different aspects of a business' brand to show how Gatheroo can be white labelled

White Labelling Gatheroo

Transform Gatheroo to appear as your very own software solution. With our White Labelling feature (for Gatheroo Pro and Team), integrate your own logo, apply your brand’s colour palette, and even operate under your own domain. This ensures that to your clients, the platform feels entirely native to your brand, while still harnessing the power and security of Gatheroo.

ChatGPT Integration

Enhanced Content Assistance

In our pursuit of excellence and innovation, we’re also working on an upcoming integration with ChatGPT for our rich text fields. This integration will act as a content assistant, aiding your clients in crafting their responses. Whether it’s providing suggestions, correcting grammar, or offering context-based prompts, the ChatGPT integration will ensure that the information provided is not only accurate but also rich in detail. By harnessing the power of advanced language models, Gatheroo aims to make the data collection process even more intuitive and efficient for all users.

Gatheroo is not just a tool – it’s a solution.

A solution that addresses the pain points businesses face when collecting information, ensuring that the process is as efficient, secure, and user-friendly as possible. Remove the pain and see how Gatheroo can make a positive difference to your workflow.

Streamline your requests for information

Provide a secure Portal for your clients

Set due dates, notifications and reminders

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