How we prioritise security

At Gatheroo, we understand that your data is your most valuable asset. That’s why we’ve implemented cutting-edge security measures to ensure that your information is always safe and sound.

Team Commitment

Our team members are required to sign confidentiality agreements and adhere to our cybersecurity guidelines. We regularly update and train our team on the latest security protocols, ensuring that your data is in safe hands.


Gatheroo is proudly powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), with all our data centers located right here in Australia. This ensures that your data is stored locally and benefits from AWS’s robust security mechanisms.

Data Encryption and Storage

All data transmitted to or from Gatheroo is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2). Additionally, we use AES 256-bit encryption algorithms to encrypt file uploads at rest. What does this all mean? You can rest assured, any uploaded data is collected and stored securely and documents are scrabbled for additional security.

File Uploads and Downloads Encryption

At Gatheroo, we prioritise the security of your data. That’s why we’ve implemented robust end-to-end encryption for all file uploads and downloads. This means that every piece of data, including sensitive documents and information, is thoroughly protected by encryption. Your documents and data are shielded to ensure their utmost security while using our platform.

Text Fields Encryption

For added security, Gatheroo offers the option to enable end-to-end encryption for text fields. This means that any sensitive information collected through text fields will be securely encrypted, providing an extra layer of protection for requested data.

Application Security

We follow industry-standard security best practices and regularly review our code for vulnerabilities. We use best-in-class technology to test the penetration of our code and address any issues before new code is deployed.

Compliance and Certifications

We’re in the process of working towards various security frameworks and certifications (ISO 27001 2013) and already adhere to many of the protocols and best practices outlined in those certifications. Your data privacy is a top priority for us.

Payment Security

All payments on the Gatheroo platform are securely processed through Stripe. We don’t store any sensitive payment information, ensuring an extra layer of security for your transactions.

Your security is our priority

With Gatheroo, you can focus on your business while we take care of keeping your data safe.

Business Efficiency

A single, powerful
easy-to-use platform

The efficient way to collect, collate and collaborate to gather information and documents efficiently and securely from your clients.