Put your client information
collection on autopilot

Using Gatheroo bypasses the risks and inefficiency associated with collecting information over email and improve your client engagement.

Why Gatheroo?

Built to make information gathering safe and simple

Unlock efficiency and streamline your client information and document collection. Gatheroo helps you automate the collection and organisation of client information, providing a secure, stress-free solution that lets you focus on what matters most — your business growth.

Who it helps

Gatheroo helps remove risk and simplifies your information collection

Our mission is to help Professional Services businesses like yours improve the traditional, and often tedious, information gathering processes from your client.

  • Streamlines processes Streamlines the information gathering process and improves client security.
  • Enables growth Increase profitability without the traditional increase in headcount that is usually required.
  • Reduces time Less time back and forth with clients gathering, collating and verifying information.
How it works

Our step-by-step approach

3 steps to streamline the process of collecting information from your clients - securely, efficiently and on autopilot.

Create requests

Send a new templated request in less than 2 minutes and let the system manage the rest.


Client actions

Your one source of truth for you and clients to collaborate when and how they want.


Download it all

3 clicks and all information is dowloaded ready to transfer to your internal folders.

Why it works

Control the process with your own secure data collection portal

Gatheroo is your own online secure portal where you can collect allows you to create lists of requests, set due dates, and send automatic reminders and facilitate direct communication with your clients, all in one place.

Gatheroo’s user-friendly portal makes it easy for you to track your requests, answer client questions, and keep everything organised.

Efficiency Features

Time-saving features

Gatheroo includes time-saving features that makes the process of requesting and collecting client information swift and easy.

Create & manage requests

Our intuitive builder lets you request all sorts information, from files to lists, text to choices.

Team collaboration

Invite team members, share the workload and ensure unified project direction.

Automatic reminders

Eliminate the chase. Our system proactively reminds clients, freeing up your time.

Enhanced security

Safeguard client information, with password-protection and end-to-end encryption.

Direct communication

Facilitate in-platform discussions. Address client queries and keep conversations organised.

Simple traffic-light system

Easy navigation with a traffic-light system to track progress and keep organised.

Data Encryption

File uploads are automatically encrypted, and text data can be hidden from prying eyes.

Smart conditional logic

Set request fields to display based based on the responses to preceding ones.

3rd Party Integrations

Zapier integration, means Gatheroo can integrate with thousands of apps.

Request Builder

Requests made easy with our flexible builder

Easily tailor your information collection with the Gatheroo Request Builder. This tool allows you to create custom request lists using various field types, from text entries to file uploads, ensuring you gather exactly what you need from your clients efficiently and effectively.

Business Efficiency

A single, powerful
easy-to-use platform

The efficient way to collect, collate and collaborate to gather information and documents efficiently and securely from your clients.