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Gatheroo's cloud-based platform enables you to securely and easily collect all the information you need from clients within your own secure online portal.

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For Business Success

A powerful easy-to-use platform

To 📈 grow you need more staff, to hire more staff you need to grow... sound familiar?

Increase profitability

With rising costs of labour, saving hours every day tops billing revenues back into black.

Tackle security

Bypass the risks of emails and show that you take your duty of care seriously.

Growth mindset

You can't buy time lost, but you can create time by systemising and automating repetitive tasks.

How it works

Our step-by-step approach

3 steps to streamline the process of collecting information from your clients - securely, efficiently and on autopilot.

Create requests

Send a new templated request in less than 2 minutes and let the system manage the rest.


Client actions

Your one source of truth for you and clients to collaborate when and how they want.


Download it all

3 clicks and all information is dowloaded ready to transfer to your internal folders.

Ready Templates

Essentials to hit the ground running

We'll share pre-built, editable templates from Day 1 so that you can send and receive your information quicker.

Improve Communication

Boost conversations, uncover opportunities

Gatheroo will create time and headspace to have meaningful conversations. Use built-in comments to address specific issues and create a source of truth for all information shared.

Faster Turnarounds

Automated information gathering = optimised workflows every time

Gatheroo includes what you need to request and receive everything you need securely and on time. Easily add, customise or amend Requests to fit YOUR specific use-cases.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible plans

Get a FREE 14-day trial and start gathering straight away!
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Customer Testimonials

We love our users

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

"Having a secure portal to collect sensitive client information has given our team real peace of mind."



"The list of requests is really useful. I can easily see outstanding items without scrolling hundreds of emails."


Business Owner

"I found the reminders really helpful to focus on getting the information promised on time and on track."


Mortgage Broker

"Gatheroo is great for collecting information from my clients, and it’s easy to use, I highly recommend."


Digital Marketer

"I've saved countless hours by cutting out the repetitive tasks and remembering the follow ups - it's like there's 2 of me!"


Business Owner

"The dashboard alone saves me so much time by showing where I'm up to with client data collection. It’s been a game changer!"



Business Efficiency

A single, powerful, easy-to-use platform

Gatheroo streamlines business efficiency with a clear dashboard for tracking requests, a simple traffic light system for client progress, and regular notifications as requests are updated to your portal securely.

Software Partners

We partner with the best to build and grow Gatheroo

Gatheroo partners with industry leaders to ensure our platform is secure, reliable, and easy to use. Our integrations provide a seamless, efficient experience that scales with your needs.