How Gatheroo Streamlines Your Information Collection

Gatheroo is your dedicated online portal, streamlining the process of information collection. Effortlessly craft requests, set due dates, send automatic reminders, and communicate directly with clients. Designed with user experience in mind, Gatheroo ensures organised and accessible interactions.

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how GATHEROO works

3 Steps to Better Productivity

1. Create a list of requests

Use an easy drag-n-drop builder to create your list of document and information requests.

2. Send your list

Send your list of requests to your client directly from Gatheroo with a due date and reminder schedule.

3. Receive everything

Get all of your documents and information answered and returned securely, and all in one place.


See Gatheroo in action.

Set Up in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Your Quick Start Guide to Gatheroo

Embarking on your Gatheroo journey is not only intuitive but incredibly swift.

In just a few short minutes, you’ll have your information collection system up and running. And if you’re more of a visual learner, our short video will guide you through the process.

Name Your Request. Kick things off by giving your request list a memorable name.

Template or Fresh Start. Use a pre-existing template or build requests from scratch.

Assign a Project Owner. Designate responsibility by adding a project owner.

Set a Due Date. Choose a due date for your request to help keep things on track.

Add a Recipient. Pick from your existing contacts or add someone new.

Boost Security. Choose whether to password protection your list of requests.

Automate Reminders. Opt for custom reminder scheduling or stick with the default.

Build Your Requests. Use fields to build your request list, with real-time previews to guide you.

Launch Your Project. Publish your project before sending from Gatheroo or your own email.

Expand Your Reach. Want to include more people? Easily add extra contacts.

Dispatch with Ease. Send requests directly from Gatheroo or grab the unique project link to send from your preferred email platform.

Starting Strong with Gatheroo

And here’s the cherry on top: To ensure you hit the ground running, we’ll assist in creating your first request list when you sign up. With Gatheroo, efficiency and simplicity are always at the forefront.

Streamline your requests for information

Involve your team and improve efficiencies

Set due dates, notifications and reminders