Should you consider a ThemeForest for your website?

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Deconstructing the Allure of ThemeForest

If we were given a dollar for every time we’ve been asked, “Why don’t you use off-the-rack themes like those on ThemeForest?” we’d be significantly wealthier!

While we advocate for custom-built websites, we understand that a bespoke solution may not be the immediate choice for everyone.

ThemeForest, with its array of attractive designs, can seem like an appealing option when setting up a new website. But before you’re drawn in by the impressive aesthetics, it’s crucial to take a step back and examine some key issues commonly associated with ThemeForest themes.

Let’s break it down.

Why is ThemeForest So Popular?

The allure of ThemeForest lies in its vast collection of ready-made, eye-catching themes. Their promise of transforming your website with a simple ‘install and activate’ process is understandably tempting, especially for those with limited time or technical knowledge.

Issues with Off-The-Rack Themes

Despite their allure, off-the-rack themes often come with a host of complications. The key issue lies in their ‘one-size-fits-all’ design. This leads to bloated code filled with functionalities that you’ll likely never use, slowing down your website and making it vulnerable to security risks.

Furthermore, the lack of transparency before purchasing is problematic. You’re unable to peek under the hood and evaluate the theme’s setup and its plugin dependencies. It’s like buying a car without checking the engine – a risky move!

Do You Even Need a Theme?

Themes in WordPress are essentially where the code is stored, so the short answer is yes, but you don’t need a theme already full of code – like an off-the-rack theme. While off-the-rack themes seem to provide a structure to your website, they often complicate the design process due to their rigidity. A well-structured website built with owner usability in mind will result in a website that is more in keeping with your business brand.

Are All Themes Bad?

Definitely not. However, the proportion of subpar themes, especially on platforms like ThemeForest, is high enough to raise concern. Choosing a theme becomes a gamble, as there are many unknown factors until you commit to the purchase.

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What’s the Difference Between a Theme and a Page Builder?

A theme sets the aesthetic design of your website, including layout, colour schemes, and typography. A page builder, on the other hand, is a tool that allows you to construct your website’s pages using a drag-and-drop interface. Some themes come bundled with page builders, but the quality can be variable.

While ThemeForest and similar platforms might look tempting, the issues associated with ready-made themes often outweigh the benefits.

If you’re considering a new website, we recommend considering a custom-built solution or, if budget constraints apply, ensure you use a well-supported off-the-rack theme that doesn’t include too many features that you won’t be using.

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