Unlocking Key Operational Benefits with Great Staff Morale

Great staff morale leads to higher productivity, quality of output and staff rentention. Gatheroo can help automate the mundane task of requesting information and documents from clients, and automatically chasing them to complete your requests. Find out more.

We all want to feel good when we work

We all want to feel like:

  • we are supported,
  • we are moving towards a common goal,
  • our efforts are making a difference.

At all levels of your business, staff morale is critical.

Let’s explore this in a bit more detail.

Read on as we look at why great staff morale is so important, the steps you can take to get there, and how Gatheroo is making a difference in the Australian workplace.

Why Is Great Staff Morale So Important?

We all want our teams to be happy and engaged, but let’s take a look at exactly why this is and what the benefits are.

Your business needs to deal in facts and absolutes, understanding the specific advantages that come from great staff morale.

Better Productivity

An engaged team is a productive team. When morale starts to sag, your team members become less engaged in the task at hand. Whether intentionally or otherwise, an unhappy team is simply not going to hit those productivity targets. If you work actively to increase morale, you will see productivity rising at the same time. This is no coincidence; the two aspects of business are directly linked.

Improved Final Quality

It’s not just about the volume of work — it’s about the quality of the products and services you offer to your clients. A team with great morale is more likely to be invested in your business and more likely to care about the quality of their output. Keeping your team members happy means keeping your customers and clients happy too, and this is crucial for business growth.

Bringing In Top Talent and Keeping that Talent

Research from Seek.com found that Australians are looking for many things when they search for an employer, but the company environment and atmosphere, working relationships, and mental health support are among the most important. Great staff morale feeds into all these aspects, creating a place your team members simply love to be. In turn, this makes it easier to attract the very best talent in your industry, while also boosting long-term staff retention.

A Team that’s Really in Your Corner

An effective business thrives on trust — your employees need to trust in you, and you need to trust in your employees. When morale is strong and everyone is happy, you can be assured that your team is in your corner. They are more likely to go that extra mile to help your organisation achieve its goal.

Achieving Amazing Workplace Morale

How do you get here — how do you make excellent morale a reality in your workplace? There are a number of strategies you can use to make this happen.

Honesty and Transparency

Sincerity goes a long way in business. If your employees know that you are being honest and upfront with them, they will be more likely to put their trust in you in return.

Reward and Recognition

Good work deserves rewards and recognition. And if some team members are not hitting a high level of performance, be understanding and work with them as they grow and develop.

The Right Levels of Communication

Some meetings could have just been emails, and some emails really should have been meetings. Make sure communication is flowing across all levels of your organisation, but trust your employees to work independently when the task demands it.

Personalised Support and Conflict Resolution

Get to know the personal needs and expectations of each member of staff and offer personalised support wherever possible. Resolve any potential conflicts in a constructive manner before they get out of hand.

The Right Tools for the Job

When you need to knock in a nail, you need a hammer, not a screwdriver. When you need to request documentation from your clients, you need a dedicated solution, not just an email account. Give your people the tools they need to do their job effectively.

The Role of Technology in Staff Morale

This last point is something we’ve thought long and hard about here at Gatheroo.

Today’s employees want to be able to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently, exceeding their daily targets, without having to rely on mind-numbing manual processes. What’s more, they’d like to be able to work in a hybrid environment, which means they need access to these tools even when they are outside the office.

Gatheroo can help

With a secure, centralised client document request solution at your fingertips, you can make sure your teams are fully supported with the digital tech they need to get the job done — wherever they happen to be working.

To learn more, reach out to our team, or book your demo to experience Gatheroo for yourself. You can also sign up for a free trial with no obligation.


Laetitia has worked in the Financial Industry for over 20 years. Her drive to understand the risks inherent in a business, together with finding practical ways to mitigate the risks deemed too great, lead to the creation of Gatheroo.

By applying her knowledge gained from major banks in Australian and the UK, SMEs across the globe have benefited by discussing and applying low hanging solutions to potentially large issues.

"I love working with professional service providers to help them grow and prosper by identifying and minimising risks, boosting productivity, and fostering an environment where both individuals and teams thrive"