Case Study: Childcare Centres

Childcare centres are using Gatheroo to keep their children and families safe

Keeping children safe is your top priority

As a childcare centre, you understand the challenges associated with managing information and ensuring the security of your families’ data.

Gatheroo has been widely embraced by childcare centres to securely and efficiently collect information from families. Our platform is designed to revolutionise how childcare centres handle information management, providing a seamless solution for streamlining enrolment processes, improving communication with families, and prioritising the security of sensitive information right from the start. With Gatheroo, childcare centres can confidently gather essential data from families in a safe and efficient manner

Easy to Follow Process

Childcare centres face the daunting task of collecting and managing a vast amount of information from potential families. Traditional methods, such as receiving emails with attachments, often result in incomplete answers, creating delays and inefficiencies in the enrolment process. Furthermore, ensuring the privacy and security of this sensitive information can be a significant concern.

By using Gatheroo, childcare centres are providing families with a streamlined and user-friendly portal to submit all the required information and documents.

Automated Follow-ups and Staff Efficiency

Gatheroo’s automated follow-up system takes the burden off your staff by sending reminders and notifications to families for missing or incomplete information. This automation saves valuable time, allowing your staff to focus on providing high-quality care to the children. With Gatheroo, you can maximise staff efficiency and productivity while maintaining excellent customer service.

Enhancing Trust and Security

By utilising Gatheroo, childcare centres demonstrate a proactive approach to information security. Families can trust that their sensitive data is protected within the secure portal, even before formal enrolment. This commitment to privacy helps build trust and confidence among potential families, setting your childcare centre apart from the competition.

Improved Communication and Transparency

Gatheroo can serve as a centralised communication hub for enrolments, facilitating seamless interaction between families and your staff. Families can share the requested information, ask questions and update documents when required, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the enrolment process. This streamlined communication enhances the overall experience for families, promoting satisfaction and retention.

Time and Cost Efficiency

With Gatheroo, your childcare centre can significantly reduce administrative burdens, saving time and reducing operational costs. The platform automates information gathering, follow-up processes, and communication, allowing your staff to dedicate more time to providing exceptional care to the children. This increased efficiency ultimately leads to a more productive and cost-effective operation.

Differentiate Your Centre From First Contact

Gatheroo empowers childcare centres to transform their information management processes, prioritise security, and improve overall efficiency. With our secure portal, automated follow-ups, and streamlined communication, you can provide families with a seamless and secure enrolment experience.

By implementing Gatheroo, your childcare centre demonstrates a commitment to data privacy and sets a new standard for operational excellence.

Join us in revolutionising the childcare industry and delivering outstanding care while safeguarding the sensitive information of the families you serve.

What to see an example for yourself?

This link will show you an example of how your families will see your request. This and other templates can be added to your account to make sure you “hit the ground running” !


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