This photo is taken from a lady's shoulder and overlooking her laptop, on which she is working. This depicts the likely use of a system like OneDrive to store digital files, which some businesses are using as a tool to collect documents from their clients, and often find it confusing and messy.

Why use Gatheroo when you have OneDrive?

Do you need Gatheroo if you are currently using OneDrive?

This is a question we get asked a lot.

And while the answer will depend on your business processes, it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between these two systems.

This article will cover the following:

  1. OneDrive overview;
  2. Gatheroo overview;
  3. How OneDrive and Gatheroo complement each other;
  4. How do you know if you need one or both.

1. OneDrive – a secure storage solution

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage and sharing service provided by Microsoft.

It allows you to store files and documents securely in the cloud and share them with others. When you share a file through OneDrive, you can control who has access to the file and what they can do with it.

You can set permissions to restrict access to certain individuals or groups, and you can also set permissions to control whether someone can edit or only view the file.

OneDrive encrypts your files and uses secure transmission protocols to protect your data as it is transferred over the internet.

Overall, OneDrive is a reliable tool for securely sharing files and documents.

2. Gatheroo – an information collection system

Gatheroo is also a cloud-based system, and similar to OneDrive, has a secure storage facility, although you will likely find a significantly lower allowance under your Gatheroo account.

Gatheroo, in the same way as OneDrive, also encrypts your files and uses secure transmission protocols to protect your data as it is transferred to the platform.

Permissions are set on a project level in Gatheroo, and clients are provided with a unique link to share their information with you, that can be password protected for additional security.

Gatheroo takes things to the next level by providing a secure and easy-to-use platform that not only allows your clients to securely share documents with you, but Gatheroo also helps to manage the flow of this information sharing process.

The innovative features of Gatheroo allow you to build your “List of requests” with each piece of information being a request.

The list uses a traffic light system to let your clients know which pieces of information they still need to share with you.

And when your client needs some clarification, or you need them to amend an answer, the “Comments” section enables this conversation to take place inside the portal, so everything is kept in one place.

Once clients have shared everything, you can download all the information in 2 clicks, directly onto your machine.

3. How Gatheroo & OneDrive complement each other

While Gatheroo and OneDrive both provide secure ways to share documents, they offer different features that can complement each other.

OneDrive is a great tool for securely storing and sharing files, while Gatheroo is designed to help manage the flow of information and communication between you and your clients.

For example, you can use OneDrive to securely store and share files with your clients, while using Gatheroo to manage the process of requesting and receiving the necessary information from them.

The integration of Gatheroo and OneDrive allows for a streamlined and efficient document sharing and management process, ensuring that you have all the information you need to do your job effectively and securely.

4. How do you know if you need one, or both?

Good question! It will all come down to your own individual requirements.

Here are a few pointers to help you figure it out:

Storage consideration:

What do you need from your clients?

Depending on the information you need from your clients, your storage allocation on Gatheroo may be maxed out quickly. For example, if you need documents and photos.

However, if you only need to get written answers from them, you may well find that Gatheroo is sufficient for your needs, and you can keep your old requests in archive for the long terms.

Volume of requests and/or questions:

How many individual pieces of information are you asking your clients?

If they only need to provide you with one document, then sharing a folder for them to drop the file into it, may be the best approach.

However, if you are asking for more than one file, and you find that you are spending time trying to work out which one is which, or chasing clients to give you that last file, because they have forgotten or lost track of where they are up to, then Gatheroo will help you to streamline that process.

The best way to figure it out – is to try it out!

Gatheroo offers a free trial so you can test it out, without having to commit to anything – you don’t even have to leave your payment details for your trial.

Read about the benefits Gatheroo brings to businesses here.

Starting using Gatheroo for just $19 AUD per month

A Gatheroo subscription will not only remove the need for your clients to share information with you over emails, but it will also put them in control, with everything you need clearly listed, and a traffic light system highlights which sections have not been answered yet, saving you hours of mindless email searches.

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