Navigating the Maze of Mortgage Brokers: Streamline Information Collection with Gatheroo

This photo shows a lady looking at real estate photos in a window with a clipboard in her hands. This compliments the theme of this article which is about how Gatheroo helps Mortgage Brokers to collect information and documents from their clients.

Our recent survey among mortgage brokers revealed a palpable sense of frustration with the current state of affairs.

Brokers are not just overwhelmed by “paperwork”; they’re also stressed about the looming threat of missed deadlines and brokerage.

And while data security remains a constant concern, it often takes a backseat as brokers find themselves preoccupied with putting out the immediate fires in front of them.

In this case study, we delve into how Gatheroo is designed to alleviate these industry-wide challenges.

The Maze of Client Information Gathering

You know the drill…

Mortgage brokers are spending a whopping 5-10 hours a week just hunting down client documents.

It’s like a never-ending scavenger hunt, except no one’s having fun.

This isn’t just a time sink; it’s time that could be better spent advising clients and growing the business.

The Deadline Dread

Deadlines are stressful, we get it. Our survey found that a lot of you are not just missing deadlines but are also stressed about the mere thought of missing them. The fallout? Lost opportunities, potential financial penalties, and let’s not forget, a hit to your reputation. And yes, it’s leading many of you to burn the midnight oil, which isn’t great for anyone’s work-life balance.

The Elephants in the Room..

Data Security

It’s that nagging thought at the back of everyone’s mind.

Our survey showed it’s a top concern, but let’s be honest, when you’re firefighting all day, who has the time to address it?

But ignoring it could be a ticking time bomb, both financially and reputation-wise.

Over-Sharing and Information Filtering

Here’s the second elephant—clients who overshare. It’s great that clients want to provide all they can, but too much information can muddy the waters. You need a way to filter out the noise so you can focus on what’s really required, and fully integrated software can lead to more aggravation…

How Gatheroo Delivers For Mortgage Brokers

Gatheroo comes to the rescue with a feature set tailored to the unique challenges faced by mortgage brokers:

1. Information Management:

Gone are the days of sifting through email inboxes, comparing duplicate documents, and discovering too late that an email attachment was too large to be received.

Gatheroo’s centralised dashboard eliminates these pain points, streamlining the document collection process.

2. Workflow Automation With a Streamline Information Collection system

With automated reminders and a traffic light system, not only are your clients reminded of what needs to be done, but your own to-do list is significantly reduced.

This gives you the headspace to focus on more productive tasks, like advising clients and growing your business.

3. Robust Data Security

In an industry where data security is paramount, being proactive rather than reactive can set you apart.

With Gatheroo’s state-of-the-art encryption, you can offer your clients peace of mind and differentiate your services, without waiting for regulators to come knocking.

4. Information Filtering

Clients often provide either too little or too much information.

Gatheroo allows you to filter out the noise and focus on what’s essential, speeding up the application process and ensuring you have the right information at the right time.

Hide certain questions that are not relevant – like information about their SMSF structure when they have previously answered that they don’t have an SMSF, with Gatheroo’s conditional logic questions.

When they answer you but you need a bit more detail, you can ask for information next to the section they have answered, or you can clarify the relevance of another document right there on the Gatheroo platform. This makes collaboration between you and your clients easy, and there’s no room for interpretation or missed emails.

Gatheroo – The Solution For Streamline Information Collection

Gatheroo is revolutionising the way mortgage brokers manage their client’s information, offering a more user-friendly and secure solution.

It’s not just about keeping up; it’s about staying ahead, and with Gatheroo, you’re well on your way.

By putting your clients in control of their information, you’ll be able to focus on more rounded service and ultimately, be more profitable.

Ready to be known as THE broker who streamlines information collection and is easy to work with?


Laetitia has worked in the Financial Industry for over 20 years. Her drive to understand the risks inherent in a business, together with finding practical ways to mitigate the risks deemed too great, lead to the creation of Gatheroo.

By applying her knowledge gained from major banks in Australian and the UK, SMEs across the globe have benefited by discussing and applying low hanging solutions to potentially large issues.

"I love working with professional service providers to help them grow and prosper by identifying and minimising risks, boosting productivity, and fostering an environment where both individuals and teams thrive"